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Adding an image to a post

Adding an image to a post

Postby vulcanxh558 » 30 Apr 2019 18:47

Skier Pete wrote:
vulcanxh558 wrote:
Borneo wrote:Just seeing if I can put a photo on

Another amazing bit of aviation history. I got to see the last 2 flying Lancasters fly over Derwent Dam a few years ago. What a sight that was.

you can check out my other images of Vulcans and other airshow pics

on this link to my photobucket page

.....AIRSHOW folder>>>>

other folders have

WEston super mare 2015

XH558 over flying Cardiff airport and ALL the Vulcans on static display outside from googleearth

Very nice. Dont be jealous on this but I got to see her final flight and landing at Doncaster Airport.
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