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Grand Turk and Caicos Island Dune Buggies

Grand Turk and Caicos Island Dune Buggies

Postby keith6400 » 22 Jul 2014 18:54

I liked this tour very much. Priced per buggy at $199 on the Princess seemed very popular and sold out long before sailing. On the day many people wanted excursion tickets for this one and bombarded the desk. An afternoon session was created but still sold out rapidly. We were advised that the local rules meant driving on the left hand side of the road which disappointed quite a few of the Americans but we were happy with that one. The vehicles were Left Hand Drive "Polaris" with automatic transmission which was straight forward for me as I have driven automatics. Location of gear selection lever not too relevant for autobox. On board and pre-boarding we were strictly advised to take photo driving licences as some of the route was on public roads and these would be strictly scrutinised. On the day the guy booking us in did not really supervise us recording out driving licence details etc. Once we got to the vehicles we were told the rules which were keep up to the guy in front and dont lose them. 360's were not permitted which made me smile looking at the other drivers. Well we started off in a car park but were soon in a stone quarry. Very undulating route but the organisers were in the first and last vehicle to keep control. It seemed to be pushing it a bit to keep up with the buggy in front but we just did this. After a bit we then emerged onto a public road, down that for a while then off through a gap in the hedge to the next off road area and so on. I noticed that if you lagged back a bit towards the end of the off road sections you could give it the gun on the road to catch up and go pretty fast. We did a bit on the beach with a bit of free styling where we could see the people on the take a horse on the beach and out to sea bareback excursion. Then we went to a cafe midway for a half hour break with refreshments. Finally we returned to the original car park. If you want to go on these buggies book up as soon as they are available on the internet there is clearly limited numbers of vehicles available on the day. You can book one per person if you want then you can get a refund if you want to go as a couple or sell your ticket on for cash!!
Regards Keith
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Re: Grand Turk and Caicos Island Dune Buggies

Postby Eleanor » 23 Jul 2014 09:16

This looks like great fun, Keith, and at a reasonable cost. One to look out for if we are lucky enough to go there!
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