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First cruise

First cruise

Postby Gillzajoker » 16 Apr 2019 11:05

judgegeoff wrote:Hi Vulcan, I have not (yet) cruised with TUI, but here are a few general tips that you might find of interest for your first cruise :-

Before we leave home we take photographs of our luggage with our digital cameras. Then, in the unlikely occurence that the luggage is lost or mislaid at the airport, we can show the authorities what the luggage looks like to assist in finding it. (I should add that this has never happened to us).

On most cruises you will be issued with a plastic credit card sized 'Sea Pass' that has multiple uses on the ship. It will register you on and off the ship at the gangway, it will unlock your cabin door and it will be used for any purchases aboard. However, try and keep it away from magnets as these cause the card's data to be scrambled and then you will have to get a replacement card from the 'Guest Services' desk on the ship.

Some ships allow you to check your 'Sea Pass' account on your cabin's television but, if not, you will be able to request copies from the 'Guest Services' desk at any time. On the final night (usually in the small hours) your account will be frozen and a copy of your account will be posted in or outside your cabin. My advice is to get a copy of your account on the final day and check it. If you wait until the morning of disembarkation to check you account – and then find an anomaly – you will usually find quite a long queue at 'Guest Services'.

You should be able to store your luggage under the bed(s) in your cabin. Larger (i.e. deeper) suitcases may have to be put under the bed(s) opened up to reduce the overall depth.

If you are not happy with your allocated dining table, see the Maitre 'd and he will probably be able to move you to another table. When we first board a ship we usually go to the dining room to check our table out. The Maitre 'd is often to be found in the main dining room on the embarkation afternoon.

Make sure that you are back on board in good time when visiting a port. Passengers are to be back on board usually 30 minutes before the sailaway time. The ship will wait for a late ship's excursion passengers, but not for late passengers who are not on an excursion.

On most ships you will get a news sheet in the evening that will detail the following day's activities and give details of the port you will be visiting. Take this sheet with you when you go ashore as it contains telephone contact detail of the ship's local agents, should you have any problems. We take these daily sheets home with us at the end of the cruise as they are a good aide-memoire to remind us of the places we visited, the things we did and the shows we saw.

Usually, on the final night, you will be required to leave your packed and locked luggage outside your cabin door, to be collected by the ship's crew, so that it can be taken ashore when the ship reaches the final port. Don't forget to leave clothes for the following morning, otherwise you could be going ashore in pyjamas or nightdress (as a friend of ours did!). :o

Feel free to ask if you have any queries, I am sure somebody on the forum will have an answer.

Lovely comprehensive information there, Geoff! :D
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Re: First cruise

Postby Camela » 16 Apr 2019 14:58

He's brilliant, our Judge :clap: :D
"Won't you let me take you on a sea cruise"
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