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Marco Polo does interesting itinerary to Greenland 2015.

Marco Polo does interesting itinerary to Greenland 2015.

Postby tomvet » 04 Jun 2014 20:22

From CMV website

Marco Polo will call at the Shetland and Faroe Islands en route to Iceland and preceding Greenland - a mesmerising world of icebergs, dramatic mountains and fjord splendour - where in summer, the sun never sets. Seventeen amazing days are spent discovering Eastern Canada, including Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, Québec and Montréal as you cruise the mighty St. Lawrence River. Then it’s back across the Atlantic with a final stop at Cobh on this truly epic voyage.
Commemorative Anniversary Voyage to Canada & Greenland Image 1Commemorative Anniversary Voyage to Canada & Greenland





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Join in the celebrations for Marco Polo’s 50th year at sea, as she recreates an epic voyage retracing her transatlantic route to Eastern Canada. Spend a leisurely day at sea as you glide north to your first port of call, Lerwick in the Shetland Isles for a day of traditional charm. A call at Tórshavn offers the chance to discover the remote Faroese islands with their dramatic sea cliffs and coastal villages, before sailing onto Reykjavik for the start of the optional ‘Golden Circle’ tour featuring the raging Gullfoss waterfall, geothermal field of Geysir and Thingvellir National Park.

Marvel at Greenland as you navigate around part of the largest island in the world. Visit Tasiilaq, on the island of Ammassalik, situated in a fjord surrounded by mountains before passing Cape Farewell and calling at Qaqortoq where you may get the chance to admire the huge drifting icebergs. Explore Narsarsuaq which is located just 9 km away from the ice sheet and Flower Valley with its unique flora before cruising the steep sided Tunugdliarfik Fjord.

Marco Polo continues on to Newfoundland arriving at St John’s, North America’s oldest European-settled city, that’s played host to many adventurers, pirates and explorers. Perhaps take an optional tour to Witless Bay Reserve, North America’s largest puffin colony. Sydney is a settlement with a diverse history and stunning coastline. Wander around the old town or opt to uncover magical Cape Breton Island, renowned for its beautiful Bras d’Or Lakes. On Prince Edward Island, explore delightful and charming Charlottetown, Canada’s birthplace, before you arrive at Gaspé, one of the world’s most breathtaking destinations. Take an optional boat trip and you may catch sight of whales that live in the ocean surrounding the peninsula.

Relax on board as you gently cruise the St. Lawrence River calling at Québec, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, for culture galore and the chance to view this picturesque city from a horse drawn carriage. The following day is spent in Montréal, a delightfully diverse city with its French influenced St. Denis Street, extravagant Plateau Mont-Royal, China Town and Olympic Park. You will be struck by the natural beauty surrounding Saguenay where you may opt to see the unique ‘Story of the Kingdom of the Saguenay’ featuring over 80 actors, animals and special effects before continuing to Sept-Îles, where the Innu people occupied the region long before the first European settlers.

At Havre-Saint-Pierre a choice of excursions showcase the natural beauty of the region including the islands of the Mingan Archipelago noted for their unique flora and fauna. Cap-aux-Meules, the second largest island of the Îles de la Madeleine in the Gulf of St. Lawrence, is surrounded by white-sand beaches and red cliffs. Get a taste of Madelinot life as you sample regional delicacies and meet the people. Return to Newfoundland calling at Corner Brook, for time spent amid the panoramic landscape, and L'Anse aux Meadows allowing you the opportunity to see one of the most famous Norse settlements in North America.

Bidding a fond farewell to Canada, you begin the return leg of your voyage with time to enjoy the on board facilities or simply relax and unwind. Your final call is Cobh in Ireland, for the chance to visit historic Cork, before concluding this monumental commemorative voyage that will leave you with unforgettable memories.

Canada & Greenland Cruise Highlights

This epic voyage to Greenland and Canada is a discovery of stunning landscapes, remarkable wildlife, history and culture. Here are just some of the highlights
•In Iceland, the Geysir geothermal field sits on top of a vast boiling cauldron. Discover its erupting geyser, sulfurous mud pots, steam vents, hot springs and primitive plants.
•A natural masterpiece, Greenland is home to majestic fjords, dramatic mountains and colossal icebergs. Discover the exceptional interaction between man and nature.
•From St. Johns, photograph thousands of colourful puffins, other seabirds and possibly even humpback whales on a voyage to the Witless Bay Reserve, one of nature’s greatest wonders.
•Prince Edward Island, of Anne of Green Gables fame, boasts stunning scenery rightfully earning it the title of the ‘Garden Province’ of Canada.
•From Gaspé, take a boat trip to Percé Rock, one of the world’s largest and most spectacular natural arches and a nesting place for thousands of cormorants, kittiwakes and seagulls.
•Visit the iconic Château Frontenac, the most well known landmark in Québec and considered the most photographed hotel in the world.
•Admire Montreal’s impressive neo-Gothic Notre-Dame Basilica, North America’s second-largest church and one of the most elaborate, where Pavarotti recorded his famous Christmas concert.
•Saguenay National Park encompasses the spectacular Saguenay Fjord, one of the world’s largest fjords where marine life thrives including Beluga and Minke whales.
•The nomadic Innu people were hunters living in tents made of animal skins. At Sept-Îles, learn many fascinating aspects of traditional and contemporary Innu culture, history, beliefs and traditions.
•From Corner Brook, a picturesque logging town, follow in the foot-steps of Captain Cook and view Newfoundland’s scenic, rugged coastline which was first explored by Cook 250 years ago.


24/07/15 London Tilbury (United Kingdom) - 1800
25/07/15 At Sea - -
26/07/15 Land by launch or tenderLerwick, Shetland Islands (United Kingdom) 0900 1700
27/07/15 Torshavn (Faroe Islands) 0800 1800
28/07/15 At Sea - -
29/07/15 Reykjavik (Iceland) 0600 2200
30/07/15 At Sea - -
31/07/15 Land by launch or tenderTasiilaq, Ammassalik (Greenland) 0700 1600
01/08/15 At Sea - -
02/08/15 Cape Farewell Passage - -
02/08/15 Land by launch or tenderQaqortoq (Greenland) 1430 1930
03/08/15 Land by launch or tenderNarsarsuaq (Greenland) 0800 1300
03/08/16 Tunugdliarfik Fjord Passage - -
04/08/15 At Sea - -
05/08/15 At Sea - -
06/08/15 St. John's, Newfoundland (Canada) 0700 1730
07/08/15 At Sea - -
08/08/15 Sydney, Nova Scotia (Canada) 0700 1700
09/08/15 Charlottetown, Prince Edward Islands (Canada) 0830 1330
10/08/15 Land by launch or tenderGaspé, Québec (Canada) 0730 2000
11/08/15 Cruising St. Lawrence River - -
12/08/15 Québec City (Canada) 0800 2000
13/08/15 Montreal, Québec (Canada) 0730 2000
14/08/15 Cruising St. Lawrence River - -
15/08/15 Saguenay, Québec (Canada) 0730 1800
16/08/15 Cruising St. Lawrence River - -
17/08/15 Sept-Îles, Québec (Canada) 0730 1430
18/08/15 Havre-Saint-Pierre, Quebéc (Canada) 0730 1430
19/08/15 Land by launch or tenderCap-aux-Meules, Îles del la Madeleine (Canada) 0900 1900
20/08/15 Corner Brook, Newfoundland (Canada) 1300 1900
21/08/15 At Sea - -
22/08/15 Land by launch or tenderL'Anse aux Meadows, Newfoundland (Canada) 0700 1230
23/08/15 At Sea - -
24/08/15 At Sea - -
25/08/15 At Sea - -
26/08/15 At Sea - -
27/08/15 Cobh (Republic of Ireland) 1300 1800
28/08/15 At Sea - -
29/08/15 London Tilbury (United Kingdom) 0900 -

Current prices are £5189 for 36 nights with a BOGOF so £2600 pp is not bad!

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Marco Polo does interesting itinerary to Greenland 2015.

Postby octocruiser » 05 Jun 2014 15:10

£2600 is not only 'not bad' it is blooming fantastic ! That is a fabulous itinerary.

If only........

We would definitely consider that IF we coud get the insurance. Last time we went to Canada/ US a few years ago it cost us £1200 for insurance for 15 days. I guess that this would be more than double that, but more likely that we would not be able to get insurance at all. :(

Our only hope of getting to those destinations now would be the sort of windfall that allows you to dare to self insure ;) Fat chance :roll:

It's the sort of thing you need to get on and do now while you are still able.

Cheers Kath
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Marco Polo does interesting itinerary to Greenland 2015.

Postby JollyJill » 05 Jun 2014 16:28

It's a great itinerary and had we not been booked on Boudicca for an Arctic cruise in August, we might well have booked it. :roll:

Plunky and I would both like to see more of Eastern Canada.

Never mind because although Boudicca won't be going to Canada, her itinerary is good too and she is our favourite ship. :)

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Marco Polo does interesting itinerary to Greenland 2015.

Postby Peka » 09 Jun 2014 21:16

JollyJill wrote:It's a great itinerary and had we not been booked on Boudicca for an Arctic cruise in August, we might well have booked it. :roll:

Plunky and I would both like to see more of Eastern Canada.

Never mind because although Boudicca won't be going to Canada, her itinerary is good too and she is our favourite ship. :)

That was exactly our thoughts! It is an incredible looking intinerary and price!!

But, yes we are booked already for those dates! I am looking very much to experience Boudicca, definitely feeling it will be my new favourtie ship ;) ok 2nd favourite ship :lol:

It is a shame that we can't get to visit Canada, but the advantage is visiting Spitsbergen etc, which might not always be allowed :? previous talks on possibly end cruise ships going there so much...

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