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Will CMV/Fred suit us?

Re: Will CMV/Fred suit us?

Postby tomvet » 06 Dec 2014 22:00

judgegeoff wrote:
jocap wrote:Yes, or again from Newcastle....part of the problem is the luggage, and having to drive at least 4 hours to reach any airport. It's always easier to stay the night before, whether N,L or Manchester, and once we've driven 4 hours it seems sensible just to continue another 2 and end up in S'ton!
As I say, it seems to be an age was easier in our 60s, but now in our 70s things seem to take more out of us than before.
To reach home by 4pm last week, we had to self disembark at 7am, so by the time we'd travelled on 3 trains, we were creaking.
G managed to get up for church the next morning, but after he'd driven a couple of miles he realised he'd forgotten to put in his precious 2 front teeth, so returned and fell asleep in a chair! :D

I know what you mean Jo, I am finding things much harder now that I have reached 70 and since I became somewhat handicapped.

On our recent return to the UK from San Diego we had a change of flights at Seattle. Our turn round time was under 2 hours and we were not sure if we would be going through US Immigration in Seattle (as it was our last place in the US). As we are used to long walks between gates I decided to ask for wheelchair assistance, the first time we have ever done this.

Our flight from San Diego was delayed as a seat on the plane was faulty and needed repair. A technician was unable to fix it so then complicated safety paperwork had to be prepared and signed! We were over 20 minutes late leaving, so I was quite glad that I had ordered assistance.

Sure enough, when we arrived at Seattle there was a man waiting with a wheelchair and a tablet computer displaying my name. Imagine my embarrassment when, having perched myself on the chair, he proceeded to wheel me all of 100 yards to the very next gate where they were waiting to check us in!!!! :oops: :oops: :oops:

However, when we arrived at Heathrow Gate 41 (as it happens, the furthest gate from immigration/baggage reclaim) there was nobody to greet us so we started the long walk unaided. Just as we were approaching immigration a golf buggy pulled up, the driver full of apologises - he had only been advised 20 minutes after the flight landed and was looking for us. He did however insist on driving us the last 75 yards!

So, some of it worked (when we didn't really need it) and some of it didn't (when we certainly needed it). But, in future, I think I will take any help I can get if it will make life easier and extend our travelling life.

After being bitten by a scorpion in South Africa, I was hospitalised with a foot the size and colour of an elephants for a week and left with crutches and requested assistance from South African Airways in George, Johannesburg, Heathrow and Shannon. Had assistance in Shannon, Newark and Miami also from United Airlines after a # ankle! Definitely the way to go! No hassles, no queues!

I would seek it all the time, if I could get away with it! :D
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