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Viking Clara Schumann Cat A cabin

Viking Clara Schumann Cat A cabin

Postby Dave » 08 Aug 2013 09:37

I've written reviews of every cabin we've had since the end of 2009 - except the one we had on Viking's Clara Schumann at Easter last year.

I suppose I overlooked this cabin because I'd only taken a couple of (not very good) photos, and I like to illustrate my reviews. And the reason I'd taken only a couple of photos was that the cabin was tiny - 135 sq. ft. according to Viking. If I'm being honest I should also admit that, having paid more than £200pppn for what was an excellent cruise, I probably didn't like to admit that we did it in what is surely one of the smallest cabins afloat! However, for the sake of completeness, here's a brief review.

Viking Schumann has five grades of cabin. There are eight larger cabins with French balconies (very like what we had the following year on Viking Neptune), and four standard grades labelled A to D. The standard grade cabins are similar in size, but while A grade cabins are on the upper deck, grades B-D are 'down below'. The other difference is that A grade cabins have a large opening picture window while the lower grades have 'outside cabin' -type windows. Here are Viking's illustrations...

Cat B-D:

Cat A:

While the cabin we had was smart and modern-looking, the small size meant that it was little more than somewhere to sleep, and even putting things like a rucksack or camera down was challenging - there was so little space we used the window ledge as a much-needed shelf!

I've seen photos of these cabins that have obviously been taken with a wide-angle lens, but my old camera could only manage these shots - taken from either end of the cabin:


Being on the upper deck allowed a good view from the large window, but to enjoy it meant sitting on the bed. Still, it did mean that we could see more than just the river bank when we woke up in the morning!


In all then, this was a fairly nice cabin and I think it's worth paying the extra for one on the upper deck. But if you're thinking of doing the Elbe on Viking Schumann you've been warned - this is compact cruising!

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