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Marella Discovery 2 excursions

Marella Discovery 2 excursions

Postby vulcanxh558 » 05 Jan 2020 17:08

Hello everyone, its been a while since I last posted so i thought id make an appearance. So this is the year of my first ever cruise and im quite excited (only about 4 months to wait)

Heres a list and what I think and im happy to get recommendations/advice on what to see and do.

Day 1 - Naples (boarding): Check in, get settled and go for a wander around the ship
Day 2 - Olbia: no organised excursion, go for a wander
Day 3 - Civitavecchia: planned excursion
Day 4 - Livorno - nothing planned, recommendations needed please
Day 5 - Toulon - nothing planned, recommendations needed please
Day 6 - Barcelona - taxi to see La Sagrada Familia
Day 7 - At sea
Day 8 - Naples: no organised excursion, already planning on the tram/train to Pompeii
Day 9 - At sea
Day 10 - Ancona: nothing planned, recommendations needed please
Day 11 - Venice: no organised excursion, go for a wander
Day 12 - Split: no organised excursion, go for a wander
Day 13 - Dubrovnik - no organised excursion, go for a wander and up the cable car
Day 14 - Messina: no organised excursion, go for a wander
Day 15 - Naples (going home day)

We are planning on organised excursions for Rome and Florence/Pisa as im aware they are quite a distance from the port. Are there any others that you would suggest to get on an organised excursion due to distance?

Currently at the time of posting there are no excursions on the Tui site to book but Ill keep looking

Thanks all
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Re: Marella Discovery 2 excursions

Postby Carwalsick » 05 Jan 2020 18:52

I am generally anti ship's tours but, with the queues at Familiar Sagrada and two failed attempts, we did eventually swallow our pride and it was well worth it.

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Marella Discovery 2 excursions

Postby judgegeoff » 05 Jan 2020 19:37

Not too long now! Not really an answer to your question, but......

As an alternative to Pompeii (which can get rather crowded) we were advised to visit the similar site of Herculaneum. We took the tram from the port to the railway station and then caught the same train as for Pompeii - they were running every 30 minutes or so. We got off the train at Ercolano Scavi station and it was then about a 12 minute walk down the high Street to the Herculaneum site. I believe that the entrance fees are 11 Euros for adults and, if it is the same as when we visited in 2011, over 65s and under 16s are admitted free. We really found it interesting and enjoyable to stroll down 2,000 year old streets and visit buildings, some of which are still intact and are better preserved than those at Pompeii.

We returned by train from Ercolano Scavi station to Naples, but made a rather silly mistake. We saw the name 'Napoli....." on a sign and got off the train, only to see it depart from the station. We should have stayed on for the next station which is a terminus and so not going any further - we felt very stupid. We could have waited for the next train but, because we were not in a hurry, we decided to walk back, to see a bit more of Naples on the way. :oops:

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Marella Discovery 2 excursions

Postby Gillzajoker » 06 Jan 2020 10:21

Good recovery there, Geoff! :D
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Re: Marella Discovery 2 excursions

Postby Arizona » 08 Jan 2020 20:33

We called in to Toulon in October. We were docked right in the centre of the town, which is much less touristy than many ports of call and all the better for that. We enjoyed taking in the large local street market which was just across the main road from the port, followed by a wander round the very authentic side streets. Toulon harbour is very large and is where much of the French navy is based, so a boat trip around the harbour was next as it was a lovely day. The starting point was just along the quayside from the port. Another possibility would have been a trip around the town from the cruise terminal on a ‘noddy train’. The view of Toulon from the ship was gorgeous so leave time to relax on deck to take it all in. Enjoy!
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Re: Marella Discovery 2 excursions

Postby Camela » 09 Jan 2020 22:21

We've docked in Livorno several times and done the usual excursions including going to Pisa by public transport. I'd always seen Livorno as an industrial port with little to commend it but last summer we decided to head out locally on our own. We got a map and enjoyed walking to their New Venice (canals) the Old Fort ramparts and interesting community gardens, the inevitable Italian Duomo and the Old Indoor Market.
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