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Harz Mountains Explorer Steam Journey

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Postby jocap » 18 May 2017 18:57

Oh, that sounds delightful!
We stayed in the Hartz mountains the summer after the wall came down. One day we drove across the narrow gap in the boundary- the rest was shut off, probably mined, but it was so obvious that you had crossed because the infrastructure was so very different to West Germany. The roads were paved with concrete blocks; the railway was very dirty and looked untended, although it was in full use; Wernigerode was staggeringly beautiful but completely run down- the fabulous buildings looked rotten and damp, and the shops almost empty of goods except where a few people had managed to import things from the west.
We were treated exceedingly well, by people who wanted to talk to us, but it was our right hand drive car, with the GB plates which caused the most interest. One parking attendant wanted Gavin to show him how it drove... no-one had ever met people from so far away west..
The castle and grand buildings had a big notice about how they were going to be up graded, and for a year or two we did see pictures and followed with great interest, but it seems so long ago now... Looking forward to seeing your pics next year! x :thumbup:

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