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Adonia; D510. 9/5/15- 29/5/15

Adonia; D510. 9/5/15- 29/5/15

Postby Jeffo » 09 Jul 2015 08:35

I wonder if they've done anything about Adonia's trays in the buffet restaurant. We cruised on her in 2012 and couldn't help noticing the continuous clanking of cutlery falling off the trays onto the floor. The trays were open ended, enabling things to slide off. One lady even had a hot meal land on her foot and she only had sandals on. We've only been on a few ships, but this was the only one we've been on that operated the buffet with trays - just like a cafeteria. After a few days, we avoided the trays completely. Adonia and her sisters have a lot going for them, and lots of balcony cabins for the size of the ship. We did miss not having a wrap around promenade deck though. I liked the way P&O handled the excursions - you just got off in time for the departure. Fred. Olsen makes everyone assemble in a show lounge, you have to check in for your tour, then wait for an announcement saying it's OK to go. They think it avoids congestion at the gangway, but it doesn't, because of the large groups disembarking at the same time.
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