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Re: Spirit of Discovery: The Chic Mediterranean Oct2019

PostPosted: 11 Jan 2020 22:31
by newmember
[quote="Arizona"]Re the Cruise Director on Saga: this role is particularly important because there are always going to be many sea days to be filled with the ships only operating from the UK. We had 3 days at sea each way to the Med. Saga has usually employed regular long standing CDs rather than agency people.

Just returned from 35 nights on SoD (Christmas New York cruise) and the good news is that there are now washing lines in the showers,
and Saga have another cruise director, name of Andy Levitt.
He has a tendency to gabble his announcements which, with his Australian accent, can make them sometimes hard to hear, but he is evidently experienced, unflappable, and with a great sense of humour (he did not turn a hair when, at the "welcome" cocktail party, a "code Bravo" came over the tannoy just as he started to announce the captain, who promptly disappeared along with other senior officers).
I believe this was his first cruise with Saga, so was probably still feeling his way, but let's hope Saga hang on to him, as he is going to be a real asset for them - and at the minute, they need all the assets they can get.
Despite the best efforts of everybody on board the ship, there are still far too many unhappy customers because of stupid mistakes that should never happen if the company was being properly managed.

Re: Spirit of Discovery: The Chic Mediterranean Oct2019

PostPosted: 18 Jan 2020 20:30
by khkate
Just caught up with the review of your Chic Med cruise and also thoughts on the ship - a lot of which i agree with. Saga are losing the plot a bit - let us hope they regain the path soon! We havew quite a few cruises booked for 2020, so will be interesting to see if things improve - or else we might be absconding to other lines.

although Saga offer a lot for the money, they are be becoming far more expensive. How long one can afford to actually get on the ships in another question. Admittedly, once on the ships, there is little to spend money on, but one has to be able to afford to book, to enjoy such luxuries!