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Dining with an officer.

Dining with an officer.

Postby JollyJill » 16 May 2017 20:40

On all our long cruises on Boudicca, we have sat at a table for 8 (as we requested). Last year, we were joined at our table a few times by the Chief Officer and one of the female entertainment staff. At first, we enjoyed the complimentary wine that came with the officer and quite enjoyed the conversation. However, after a couple of times, the 8 of us would draw straws for who was going to sit next to the Chief, although the male members of our group were all keen to sit with the female, who was always young and attractive.

The 8 of us were happy with our own company and found the addition of 2 'guests' a bit of a bind.

Would we pay to sit with officers? No way! :thumbdown:

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