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Three Days in Beijing

Re: Three Days in Beijing

Postby judgegeoff » 04 Oct 2018 23:29

Wanderingsascent wrote:Looking forward to Japan and Shanghai. How did you obtain your visa?

Hi, we obtained our visas by using agents in London, all done by post. We might have been able to save a bit of money by doing it ourselves but, when we factored in the cost of two return rail tickets to London, plus taxi fares in London and meals, it may even have been more expensive. In any case, I hate London and so was happy to avoid going there. At the time the Chinese Government were supposed to have introduced a fingerprinting requirement for all visa applications, but were late in implementing it.*

But the cost of the visas (per day spent in China) was ridiculous and, had we known about it before booking the cruise, may well have had second thoughts about doing so. I am normally quite good at researching this sort of thing but, in this case, I missed it completely. :oops:

* When we first flew into China, at the Airport there were self service machines where we had to take our own finger prints. The instructions (in English as well as Chinese) were to insert your passport into the machine which then instructed you to present your left hand fingers to a pad for printing, then the right hand fingers and final both thumbs. When this was completed the machine issued a ticket which we had to then take to their Immigration Officers, Chris has very small hands but eventually managed to get her ticket printed. When I tried I inserted my passport and it immediately printed a ticket (without taking my fingerprints). I tried again with the same result, so assumed the machine had gone faulty so tried another machine but that also just printed a ticket straight away. I thought that I might have problems at Immigration but this was not the case. I later found out that the fingerprints are only required for people aged between 14 and 71. It really amused me that my wife (aged 70) was seen as a possible threat to the Chinese Government, but that I (at 74) was not! :lol: :lol: :lol:

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Re: Three Days in Beijing

Postby Wanderingsascent » 05 Oct 2018 10:49

Thanks for the reply Geoff, we are only spending one night in Shanghai and should not need a visa, but I thought might get one to be safe. Luckily we are off to the Caribbean before our far east cruise, that is a repeat cruise for us.
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