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Tomvet and family on Costa Mediterranea

This area is for 'digital postcards' sent by members while on a cruise. Let your Cruising Mates know what they're missing!

Tomvet and family on Costa Mediterranea

Postby Gillzajoker » 02 May 2016 10:26

octocruiser wrote:
tomvet wrote:Thank you all folks for your kind words. I will post a review and photos shortly. We are on the bus from the airport to home now. Get in at 2300. This cruise certainly provokes reflection and a rethink of strategy. A river cruise may be a workable alternative.

As for Sunday rest - we head to Galway at the dawn to my nieces christening. Luckily Monday is a public holiday.

Here's a link that might help to kick start your research into that one.


As far a rethink goes it obviously depends very much on what you want from a holiday, your personal circumstances, mobility, etc. There are fewer options as time goes on.

I personally still think tnat cruising represents the best way for us to take a holiday . I can think of no alternative that suits our needs better and for me it is the most pleasurable.

However, I think our last cruise may literally be our last one as this time after 40 years of loving cruising I was desolate to find that Eric was 'not entirely ' enjoying it .
Those were his own words and possibly carry a wealth of meaning - he just refuses to be drawn on what the problem was. I really don't think it was anything specific to the particular cruise. I think his attitude to the whole concept of cruising has changed a d I have cancelled the one we had booked for 2017.

Given our circumstances our options are very limited but I am not prepared to just stay at home forever. I have booked a short break in June at a Warner's Leisure hotel to give that a try. I have chosen the one that is nearest to home so if a family member is not available for transport it won't cost an arm and a leg to have a private car transfer.

It does seem a poor substitute for cruising, especially as it costs relatively more. We shall see. I shall go with an open mind and do my best to enjoy it for what it is, not what I want it to be.

So sorry to hear that you may not be cruising again, Kath - I know how much you enjoy it, and like me, think it is the ideal holiday. I hope you manage to find something suitable for you both.
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