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Digital Postcards

This area is for 'digital postcards' sent by members while on a cruise. Let your Cruising Mates know what they're missing!

Re: Digital Postcards

Postby Skier Pete » 16 Dec 2013 14:26

Wansbrough wrote:
Skier Pete wrote:It's a great Idea Dave, and re-reading the postcards I realise what a brilliant idea they were. And now with the advent of the smart phones they are even easier than when base camp had to help get them posted on the forum.

I do however think that the postcards on one thread with replies on another gives a better format for long term viewing

I tend to disagree with you there Pete. I think the idea of the interaction better posters makes for a better read. What I did with my last cruise was to add a clickable index on the first post for ease of navigation. These can also be added to the review.

Digital Postcards from the "Celebrity Silhouette"(2013)

Same with Jill's last 3.

Jill's live blog from Black Watch November 2013
From Russia with Love
Jill's blog from mv Voyager

We have the technology..... ;)


I've corrected my wrong button press and now posted correctly

Having seen that addition I 'm happy to say I think you're right and that the clickable index is a great addition
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Re: Digital Postcards

Postby JollyJill » 16 Dec 2013 16:39

Personally, I love it when I get feed back on my blog because if I thought that nobody was reading it then I wouldn't waste time and money posting it.
It breaks it up too which in my opinion is not a bad thing.

I do appreciate however my blog being enhanced by you techies in my absence. :)

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Digital Postcards

Postby tobysgranny » 30 Dec 2013 07:30

Jill, I don't take my laptop with me when I go away, I only take my iPad. Unfortunately it does not have words, but I use the Notes app from which I can then e.mail and find this is the cheapest way for me to keep in touch, if Dave dosn't mind posting it for me.


P.s. i'm not on the QV as I previously said, but the QE. How dopey can one be? (No rude answers please.)
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