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Blogging by phone

This area is for 'digital postcards' sent by members while on a cruise. Let your Cruising Mates know what they're missing!

Blogging by phone

Postby Dave » 12 Dec 2015 14:54

Just for information for those who like techie stuff. :geek: ;)

I really enjoy blogging from a cruise and I like to include photos with posts. I use Tapatalk on my phone to post, and the photos I add to posts are those I've taken with the phone. It's all worked quite well.

One problem with using the phone as a camera though is that it doesn't take wide-angle photos, which I think are best for cabins - and especially cabin bathrooms!

My new camera can take wide-angle photos so I needed a way to transfer them to my phone. There are several possible methods: I could use a wi-fi SD card to transmit the photos, or a wi-fi dongle attached to the camera which does the same thing, or I could connect a card reader to the phone.

However, for the post above I tried simply taking the memory card out of the camera and putting it into the phone. Photos on the card appeared in the gallery, so I resized the photo I wanted with the PhotoResizer app and added it to the post. It was very quick and easy, and it worked. So I think that's the method I'll use for the next blog... :D

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