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My Insurance Has Increased...

My Insurance Has Increased...

Postby avidcruiser » 08 Dec 2015 23:32

jocap wrote:I've had my annual thyroid check up, and had 4 blood tests at the same time. They've all come back fine, except cholesterol had risen very slightly. The Dr wasn't concerned, but did wonder whether, because of my age and family background I should start taking statins. We discussed it, and I decided to go on them.
So we decided to tell Staysure, who are insuring us for our month away.
And they've added £100 to my insurance.
This is because I'm taking a preventative medicine. If I'd not decided to take it and become ill, they'd have paid.
If I hadn't declared and become ill, they wouldn't have paid....
Something doesn't add up.... :roll:

Jo, they would have had access to your medical records, should you have had to make a claim, and, if you hadn't disclosed the condition that you declined to take medication for, they would have had you over a barrel as a result for not disclosing that fact, and, as far as they are concerned, going against the advice of your GP with regards to medication. You can't win anyway it seems with insurance companies. :roll:
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