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Titanic Hotel, Belfast, resorts, log cabins, etc!

Re: Titanic Hotel, Belfast

Postby Camela » 23 Nov 2017 18:37

It is one of the main pleasures of cruising and travelling, to be able to see and visit so many interesting buildings and learn their history.
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Titanic Hotel, Belfast

Postby adogap » 23 Nov 2017 20:43

grannyM wrote:Great photos Chris. It is so good that the hotel is part of the new Titanic museum complex and it all looks fabulous. :D

Your photos reminded me of when I worked at Fairfield Shipyard in Glasgow. I was wondering how that building was surviving, thinking it would probably be a ruin by now as it has been closed for many years. However when I Googled it I was really pleased to see that it has been given a facelift since last I saw it and there is now a Fairfield Govan Heritage Centre in the old building. It was lovely to see some of the original corridors and offices where I worked 50 years ago. I was also delighted to see how it is being used now.

Fairfield Govan Heritage Centre

Thank you for sharing your photos and for the reminder of my time in another wonderful shipyard building in Glasgow. :thumbup:

Hello Marie. Excellent link, thank you! Building looks palatial, I would really love to visit! We had discussed Glasgow which is of course synonymous with ship building. I think it is important to preserve this heritage where future generations can find out about these wonderful ships and pay tribute to the gentlemen who built them. Anyone I have spoken to who worked in “the yard’ can still raise a chuckle about jokes shared and pranks played. You must have many happy memories!

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