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Smart Casual or Optional Formal?

Would you bother with formal attire on a 2 night cruise?

Would make the effort?
Would you cut down on your luggage and not bother?
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Re: Smart Casual or Optional Formal?

Postby annie » 24 Feb 2013 08:45

Gemma wrote:The trouble is that if a man needs black trousers all he needs is one pair. Maybe in Malta he'd need two = winter and summer.
But I need a pair for when I wear high(ish) heels, another for medium heels and another for walking shoes. I need a pair of dressy evening ones, corduroy ones. They can be with a waist band or draw string for casual wear. Formal cut or casual cut.......and that's just for winter. Summer means not just the same amount but in lightweight material. It means I have to take into consideration cropped trousers - in three different lengths and again smart and casual.
In brief the result is that in my wardrobe I have about 15 pairs of black trousers.

Well I am doing something wrong - I will take 4 prs of trousers for 4 weeks.

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Re: Smart Casual or Optional Formal?

Postby Gemma » 24 Feb 2013 15:27

Annie most probably I too wouldn't take more than 4 pairs for 4 weeks .......the rest will remain in the wardrobe.
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