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Out of Town

Re: Out of Town

Postby octocruiser » 21 Jan 2014 09:17

jocap wrote:Ever since I read this post I've been singing the song inside my head- I didn't know I knew it so well!!! "Spring's in the air, di dadi everywhere, and Mother Nature wears a velvet gown...." I'll have to leave it in my head and see if I get some more words....:D

It's known as an earworm ;) it got into my ear as well when I first read the post. It had just gone away but you have revived it. I shall also now be grasping around to fill in more missing words ;)

Cheers Kath
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Out of Town

Postby divingbrit » 13 Jun 2016 16:30

Jack Hargreaves and the Out of Town programmes were a real favourite of mine, I've always been an outdoors man and have been a keen angler since I was about six years old when my old dad took me out for the first time.
A few of us from various angling clubs have over the years tried with different TV companies to get them to re-run them but so far no joy.

A blast from the past, almost 20 years of programs, but few remain, I have 14 hours of film, and a friend another 8 hours, but there is sixty odd hours of DVD what they call 'The lost programs ' but the price is far too much. Jack was a director of Southern TV and did appear in the children's program 'How'
So less than a 100 hours of film, from many hundreds, the rest destroyed .
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Out of Town

Postby tobysgranny » 15 Jun 2016 07:41

I have too Jo. It's going round and round in my head.

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