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Catalonia referendum

Catalonia referendum

Postby Dave » 01 Oct 2017 15:40

I suppose this might be a contentious question, but I have to ask...

Why is the attitude of the media, and indeed the major world powers, so different towards the Catalonia referendum to what it was for the Crimea referendum? :think:

The EU said about the referendum in Crimea: "The referendum is illegal and illegitimate and its outcome will not be recognised." And according to BBC News, "The White House said Mr Obama had insisted that the referendum was illegal and would never be accepted."

But when it comes to Catalonia, while the Spanish government has deemed the referendum illegal (BBC News), no one else seems to be openly adopting that position. Wikipedia has listed the reactions (with relevant quotes) and the great majority of those countries and organisations which condemned the Crimean referendum as illegal are simply saying that this is an internal matter for Spain.
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