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Please do not post shortened links

Please do not post shortened links

Postby arkangel » 01 Mar 2015 11:48

What is a shortened link?

Links can be quite long, as this example of a link to a forum topic shows:

The most popular link shortening system is called Bitly. Bitly can turn a long link into a much shorter one.

This is the Bitly equivalent of the previous link:

Shortened links are used a great deal in Twitter tweets because tweets can only contain a limited number of characters. A shortened link allows more of something else to be included in a tweet.

The problem with shortened links is that it's not possible to see at a glance where the link will take you. Clicking the link involves an element of chance!

In theory, a spammer might make use of shortened links - as might someone who wants you to visit another forum / website without being entirely upfront about it.

And there's absolutely no need for shortened links on a forum anyway.

If a member thinks that a link such as is too messy and/or too long, we have a simple system of 'friendly' links that can be used instead. (See: Changes to the methods of including links in posts)

Here's a 'friendly' version of the previous link: Tom's review.

So please do not post shortened links - they're unhelpful, unnecessary, and hold the potential for mischief!

In future, moderators will delete them and refer the poster to this topic. Thanks for reading!
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