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Crew Saving Complaints

Crew Saving Complaints

Postby jocap » 12 Oct 2015 21:24

I'm watching the Cruise Ship Diaries all over again...we noticed that a calendar on an office wall showed 2008, so it's getting a bit dated. :?
It's the Costa Serena, with a very dignified captain...I remember that when the Concordia incident happened, the captain of Serena was on board, going from Civi to meet his ship in was later mentioned that he knew immediately how serious were events, and played a big role in the rescue. Certainly, from this old series, you'd believe that Serena was the safest ship afloat.
What made us laugh, though, was hearing that the crew save the best complaints from passengers, and stick them on the wall. The one they chose to read out was from German passengers, complaining that there were too many Italians on it's not just P&O with too many Northerners on board! :shock:

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