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Missing a port of call! Grrr!

Re: Missing a port of call! Grrr!

Postby Dave » 30 Nov 2018 16:13

Camela wrote:'Alterations and cancellations by the company' in the T & Cs (no I 've never read it completely). All legalese but it seems they sew you up like a kipper! To my mind such wording should be in plain English as some insurance and banks seem to do now.

I appreciate weather conditions can't be foreseen - we missed St Maarten to my great disappointment for that reason. Call me cynical (moi?) but I wonder whether some changes are pre-planned but the cruise line doesn't let on in advance so avoiding cancellation or more compensation.

That's what one customer seems to believe...

Many customers have contacted The Independent to express their frustration.

Shirley Bishop said: “The only reason we booked this cruise was because of the itinerary included the three places they have cancelled.

TUI have waited until everyone has paid as the final payment had to be paid by 26 January 2018 and we are now in a position that we have paid for a holiday we really don't want.”

Apparently the announcement about Havana (and two other ports of call) being cancelled came soon after the date for the final payment.

I completely accept that some events can't be foreseen, but in this case the problem was a "double booking" and TUI lost the berth in Havana to a US cruise line. I've no idea (because the article doesn't say) if this was human error or blatant gazumping but, as is often the case, the customers lost out while the company didn't. And this is one of my dislikes about the cruising industry. I remember our Fred Olsen cruise to Greenland, Iceland and the Faroe Islands; fog caused us to miss a port of call in Iceland and so Boudicca compensated by travelling extremely slowly back to the UK. Presumably, Fred Olsen saved money in fuel costs (the cruising distance was less, in addition to the speed) and possibly in berthing costs, but no compensation was provided.

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Missing a port of call! Grrr!

Postby Jimmy the One » 30 Nov 2018 20:08

We were on that cruise Dave just glad we didn't hit an iceberg in the fog :lol:
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