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Are We Getting Soft?

Are We Getting Soft?

Postby tobysgranny » 21 Dec 2014 03:02

I don't believe it, having just got over the worst of a 'chesty thing' I caught on our last cruise I have come down with a rotten head cold. I was having cuddles with little Harrison trying to get him off to sleep this week and he had a cold passed on from his daddy and he very kindly passed it on to Granny. Just what I need in the run up to Christmas. I still have nearly all the staff presents to wrap as I have been so busy in the shop and P.O., not to mention 3 times a week to hospital for my light treatment. I really could do with 26 hour days! I just wish I could afford the time to stay in bed tomorrow, but no such luck!

Having said that my middle daughter has been in bed for three days with a cold. What luxury! Where did I go wrong?

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