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About Cruising Mates
Cruising Mates Forum was conceived on 24th February 2011 and was born two days later.
The founders had been active on other cruising forums for some time, so we knew what we wanted from our new forum.
We wanted a friendly, non-confrontational atmosphere, where people treat each other with respect and decency, and we successfully created an ethos which has been attracting like-minded members ever since.
Unlike most other cruising forums, we're completely non-commercial and therefore totally independent. We'd like you to become a member, not a customer.
Being independent means that we exist only for the interest and enjoyment of our members. We like to chat about cruising, we post reviews, news and photos, and we generally have fun. We also chat about things that have nothing at all to do with cruising!

So why not join us? A warm welcome awaits on the friendly forum...
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